Comprehensive type MT4 Godness
Retorno no ciclo+261.86%
Ciclo de backtesting(2023.01.01 - 2024.05.28)
Plataformas adaptadas
Produtos aplicáveisXAUUSD etc.
Tempo de atualização2022-10-12
Ciclo de autorizaçãoPermanente

Os dados do backtesting não representam um desempenho futuro

Expect to enlarge the market;Even if the direction is wrong, you can set a stop loss.and you can solve the problem of inaccurate opening positions by adding several positions before the stop loss is reached.

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Descrição EA
EA Name Godness Feature Big trend+fault tolerance Functions 1. The expectation of this strategy is mainly to make a big trend. In theory, it is a market that is either long or short, but the market is not achieved overnight. 2. When the market reaches a new high (a certain period of length), go long; when the market reaches a new low (a certain period of length), go short. 3. After going long, immediately set an original stop loss, the original stop loss is based on the distance from the lowest point of the previous length (default 100) K-line to the sl_factor (can be set) times the opening price (downward sl_factor times the distance). 4. After going long,if the market price rises sharply, there will be a protective stop loss after running prost_ser times the price distance, and the position will be closed when the reverse condition is met or the market price is pulled back by a price percentage (back_factor) from the lowest point; 5. If there is a pullback in the market (there is no big market, but a fall),add the order according to the percentage of price (dis_ser) as the distance for adding the orders. After adding a order, set stop loss and take profit, and the stop loss for adding a order is uniformly set at the stop loss when the first order is opened; The take profit is set to the position that is tpcount distance (dis_ser times the opening price) from the position of the addition. 6. Short trading is the opposite of long trading. 7. This strategy opens multiple orders in the same direction at the same time after adding positions. 8. This strategy performs well on highly trending symbols. Applicable Market Trend Quotes Notes 1. The parameters in the strategy can be set according to the test of the symbol. 2. The position of the strategy needs to be set by yourself according to your ability to bear losses (the default position is different from the test position). 3. This strategy can be used on trending symbols. Parameters Lots: Trade volume.. Magics : EA magic. Dis_ser : Add Position interval distance. Length : How many periods of high and low points of the K-line to create (necessary for opening and closing positions). Sl_factor : Stop loss factor, after opening a position, the first stop loss is set at the length K line to the high and low points of the opening price sl_factor times. It can be tested specifically. Back_factor : After opening a position, there is a big market situation, and there must be a big drop after a big rise. At this time, you can control the risk by closing the position through the highest price retracement. Tpcount : After adding a position, the take profit will be unified, and the take profit will be placed at the distance above (below) tpcount times the dis_ser distance of the last addition price. Prost_ser : After opening a order, if there is no increase in the position, the market can set a breakeven stop loss for the first order when the market reaches a prost_ser percentage position of the opening price. Advice and Risk: 1. It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade. 2. The profitability of this strategy test does not guarantee that the real offer will be profitable in the future. 3. This strategy can be used in a symbol of market trends that are easy to follow (XAUUSD, USOIL, US30), etc.