Instructions for using VPS
  • 1.VPS purpose: only used for foreign exchange transactions, generally used for programmatic trading using EA on MT4/MT5 trading software

  • 2.Period of use: Each purchase is valid for one month and is renewed on a monthly basis. The renewal fee is subject to whether the preferential renewal conditions are met (the exclusive host will automatically renew if it meets the usage conditions).

  • 3.For the first purchase of a regular VPS, you must bind your trading account within 7 natural days after purchasing the VPS. If you do not bind, you will receive warning SMS and email reminders for six consecutive natural days starting from the second day after purchasing the VPS until the binding is successful. Otherwise, the VPS will be automatically recycled on the eighth day after purchasing the VPS, and the user will receive a VPS recycling SMS reminder. There is no such restriction for other versions of VPS.

  • 4.If the trading account is successfully bound within 7 days after purchase, you will receive text message reminders that the VPS is about to expire 5 days before the expiration of the VPS until it expires.

Discount renewal conditions:

  • 1.Subscription needs to be renewed within 30 days before expiration (so it cannot be renewed for multiple months at once)

  • 2.The user successfully binds a real trading account on the VPS

  • 3.The trading account bound by the user must have at least one real transaction per month (with at least one closing order)

You can see the above rules when renewing and check whether they are met. If there are any abnormalities, please contact customer service.

  • • After activating a VPS, the user will receive a VPS activation SMS reminder.

  • • If the user deletes the VPS or the VPS is automatically recycled, he will also receive a VPS deletion SMS reminder.

  • • After the user renews successfully, he will also receive a SMS reminder of successful VPS renewal.

  • • If a user activates or renews a VPS and fails to activate it successfully after payment or the renewal expiration date has not changed, he or she can contact customer service in time.

Notes on use:

  • 1.In principle, VPS is only used for foreign exchange transactions. If users install and run too many irrelevant programs on the VPS, it will affect system stability, resulting in the inability to log in or lags in program execution, etc.

  • 2.If users conduct illegal operations on the VPS, such as hacker attacks, once discovered, the VPS will be stopped or recycled at any time.

  • 3.When setting the VPS password, users should try to set a password with higher complexity, otherwise it will be easily invaded and cause losses.

  • 4.Currently, VPS is divided into normal and high configuration. The normal version of VPS can meet general use; if the EA used in the user's MT4/MT5 software takes up high resources (CPU or memory usage is too high), you can choose to purchase a high configuration VPS.

  • 5.A VPS can run up to 32 MT4/MT5 at the same time.

  • 6.After the VPS is successfully opened, the user can enter the backend system to change the password or redo the system.

  • 7.If users encounter abnormalities while using VPS, they can contact customer service in time for processing.